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Trainee Guides Walks in Westminster

Each year we train guides to provide walks around Westminster (and if you are interested in doing this then do visit London Heritage Training to find out more about our training).

This year we have three students showing off walks that they researched themselves. While they are not yet entitled to wear the Westminster Guides badge, they have completed most of the training. Do come along and have fun listening to the students as they tell you about Westminster’s past history.

  • Paula Pickin is offering a two hour tour called Six Centuries of Soho at 14:00 on Saturday 27th April Discover the secrets and stories that have shaped this iconic neighborhood over the past six centuries. From its humble beginnings to its vibrant present, explore the cultural, artistic, and social evolution of Soho. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of this historic district. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the heart and soul of Soho!
  • Jonty Levin is offering a two hour tour called World War II in Westminster, The Nerve Centre of the Free World at 10:30 on Sunday 28th April. With just one stop devoted to Winston Churchill, Britain’s celebrated war leader, this walk covers a number of leading personalities who led the fight back against the Axis Power, explores preparations for some of the most decisive battles, considers how London became the centre of the free world with decisions taken here continuing to impact the world today while not losing sight of how people got on with their lives.  
  • Sandra Fayle is offering a two hour walk called In the Footsteps of the Great War at 14:00 on Sunday 28th April. n this walk, we will unravel the history of that terrible conflict and the part just one small area of central London – Whitehall – played in it.  Meet the extraordinary Whitehall linked characters who shaped that War

You can book all three walks on Eventbrite by clicking on the walk titles.

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